Personalize your products

The only solution on the market where you can edit prices, description and images in real time, personalizing products for your customers.

(No contracts. No credit cards. No hassle.)

Edit products in realtime.

Private products.

Available 365 days a year.

Real-time editing

Adjust your products in real-time to drive sales

Sometimes your products or services need adapting to the person in front of you. In a world-first, we provide you a tool to instantly publish products. This allows you to adapt your offering to the requirements of the client in real-time, personalized and only available to selected visitors.

If your customer is looking for something that you haven’t published in the shop, you have the opportunity to send them a personalized or “private” product. This can be streamed directly to their screen. This allows you to adapt your products to each visitor.

(No contracts. No credit cards. No hassle.)

Create public and private products

Differentiate between public and private offers to tailor your products for your customers

When you create a product in The Shop Front, you can choose whether it is public or private. A public product will be available to all users, and delivered with a mobile optimized static landing page.

A private product will only be visible by you, and any user that you send a unique link to. This means that you can create and share confidential pricing agreements without worrying about this information being made public.

(No contracts. No credit cards. No hassle.)

All year round

An optimized always online delivery mechanism

With The Shop Front you will publish your products to both offline and online stores. That means your products are available 365 days a year in an optimized static site, as well as having a flow for realtime interaction.

You can interact in-store, or follow up with multi-channel conversations to take your sales flow right the way out of the store and into Social Media.

(No contracts. No credit cards. No hassle.)

Using conversations to drive conversion is invaluable for my business. The Shop Front is unique in providing tools to engage personally with each customer on their terms. An online platform that has the adaptability to suit selling my personalized, specific services online. Gamechanging.

Yuri van der Sluis - b2b sales consultant

Let's get started

There are two simple ways to use the platform.

You can add The Shop Front sales channel to your shopify account, allowing you seamless integration with your shopify inventory and fufillment options. There is no commission on sale!

If you don't have Shopify, you can setup a free account and use our Stripe integration to sell through the platform. We will take a small commission on each sale. Nothing else to pay!

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Our product pricing

Next pricing option
Monthly cost0
The Shop Front commission4%
Product limit32
Whatsapp(coming soon)
Facebook messenger(coming soon)
Branding typeThe Shop Front
Custom messaging templates
Static site (always online)
Dynamic site for live engagements
Product editing
In-depth analytics
Payment providerStripe
Order managementStripe
Integration with enterprise systems on demand

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