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The car that changed the world

When Henry Ford created the Model T and revolutionized production assembly for motorized vehicles, it heralded a new era of mass-production. This giant leap for industry bought in an affordable production model, bringing motorized transport to the middle classes. The competition was blown away, no-one could produce motorized vehicles at the same quantities for the same price...

The car that changed the world

Modern e-commerce is in a similar position. Amazon and giant retailers have bought in a model of mass-distribution; efficiently transporting goods to consumers’ doorsteps in hours. Often, the total price of these goods arriving at your doorstep is cheaper than the cost price for a small retailer. This efficient, cheap model is as revolutionary as the era of mass production.

But like the model T, efficient distribution is just the beginning of an era, the foundation of a new age.

To compete in the modern e-commerce landscape, retailers cannot compete on price. Margins will be beaten down by e-commerce behemoths. In this tough, competitive world of online retailing, how can an SME compete?

The answer is simple. There is one aspect of commerce where industry behemoths will always lose. There is one thing lost to the grey world of online commerce, of cut-throat pricing and strategies. There is something that is hidden behind the very concept of “online”. This is the hidden, beating heart of commerce. 

The big secret is that behind every click, every user, every segment of analytics data is a real person.

The answer has been hidden in plain sight the whole time, our understanding of something so ubiquitous to human society has become hidden behind technical jargon and the very abstraction of commerce to something called ‘e’, or ‘electronic’ commerce.

Starting again

So, we’ve taken everything we’ve learned in the last 15 years of building eCommerce technology and websites, and thrown it in the bin. 

We are re-imagining what it means to be a retailer in the modern world. We are re-evaluating the analytics, the SEO, the UX, the A-B testing, and we are focusing on feedback from the traders and businesspeople who have dedicated their lives, not to “e” commerce, but to running small and medium size enterprises. We don’t think about B2B, B2C, only people to people.

Every customer, and every business give us the same feedback, “If I could get to know them”, then I could sell to them. Why? Because commerce is about relationships. 

We are focussed on one thing, and one thing only. And that is reimagining the online shopping experience as one based on human interactions. What does this mean? 

In The Shop Front  you -> 

  • Have a human face to welcome customers.
  • Have a human driven search function, 100x more evolved than any “AI / ML algorithm”.
  • Have tools to create, negotiate and bill discounts & special deals via human interaction.
  • Have video and chat integrated into the shop itself as a core feature of the whole experience.
  • Always have brand representatives available to reassure, build trust and answer questions.

We have a vision of an “online shop”, not a spreadsheet of SKUs / prices racing to the bottom over the same products. 


If you are looking for another chatbot, a customer service widget or an automatic conversion tool, we don’t share the same vision.

If you are trying to increase traffic and conversion rates while raising ROI for marketing budget with an automated gimmick, you are in the wrong place.

But if, just if… 

You think that somewhere, something online has gone vastly wrong. 

You believe that the 2% average online conversion rate is a disgrace, and are searching for a solution.

You have an inkling that the importance of human interaction has got lost in a sea of analytics data. 

It hurts you to watch a sea of numbers pass through your ‘funnel’, leaving your online shop without so much as a hello. 

You might just be in the right place...

We have a new concept of “e” commerce; the concept is that there isn’t really an “e” involved, just people and businesses building mutually beneficial relationships based on trust. We believe that millennia of human trading to be more relevant than a 15 year race to the bottom of cheap “electronic” commerce. 


Want to know how to beat out the Model T production model? It really is simple...

You drive a Ferrari.

Welcome to The Shop Front, where we use technology to place people front and center in your commerce experience (that happens to be online).

Using conversations to drive conversion is invaluable for my business. The Shop Front is unique in providing tools to engage personally with each customer on their terms. An online platform that has the adaptability to suit selling my personalized, specific services online. Gamechanging.

Yuri van der Sluis - b2b sales consultant

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There are two simple ways to use the platform.

You can add The Shop Front sales channel to your shopify account, allowing you seamless integration with your shopify inventory and fufillment options. There is no commission on sale!

If you don't have Shopify, you can setup a free account and use our Stripe integration to sell through the platform. We will take a small commission on each sale. Nothing else to pay!

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