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Microfiber floor wiper

Microfiber floor mops are simply the more hygienic floor mops! The wiping system from Congis also makes work easier: The x-shaped microfiber floor mop is very easy to clean and wring out. Cleaning is fun!

Wet hands, back pain, and the floor is still dirty ...
It doesn't have to be! Congis has developed a very special cleaning device with the x-shaped head on a telescopic rod. You always stay upright while cleaning, regardless of your height. The telescopic pole takes care of that. The joint between the rod and the mop ensures even more ergonomics when cleaning: it can be rotated all around. You move in your own rhythm, the mop comes with you. With a width of 36.5 cm, the microfiber floor mop clears a lot of dirt at once. Wash out by hand? Forget it! The floor wiper is self-cleaning. Simply turn in the handle when you lift the mop out of the bucket with the cleaning water!

Included in delivery: x-shaped floor squeegee (36.5 cm x 14.2 cm) with telescopic rod.
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