Driving sales with The Shop Front

A quick guide on driving sales with The Shop Front

How should I drive sales?

There are two flows in a Shop Front store. These are the OFFLINE static site, which is always online. This is indexable by Google, optimized for SEO and will always be available to your customers. There is also the ONLINE store, this will only be functional when you are connected to your dashboard. As it is a peer to peer connection, you should think of this like a telephone call. The ONLINE store will only be functional when someone is connected on the other end to handle engagements.

A visitor to the OFFLINE site will only be able to engage in the ONLINE site if there is availability to handle the engagement. Therefore the OFFLINE funnel acts as an enhanced version of a typical eCommerce store. A visitor arrives at the fully functional site, and IF there is someone online to handle engagement and accepting connections, the visitor can then enter The Shop Front version, which is a dynamic version of the exact same content connected to the brand.

If there is no-one available to handle the engagement, the “MORE INFORMATION” button is hidden and there is no link to the dynamic site. This ensures that your flow is completely dependent on whether you are open and accepting connections or not. If you are not available, the visitor is able to navigate and purchase as though it was any other STATIC eCommerce site.

Getting started

To get started with The Shop Front first you need to create an account, or use one of our integrated solutions such as shopify.

Every user who connects to the online site will be automatically connected to the dashboard via p2p connection. Therefore you can manage this flow in several ways -

  • Publish and market this link to anonymous users to encourage engagement (PUBLIC FLOW)
  • Use other channels such as social media, email, whatsapp to connect with existing customers (PRIVATE FLOW)

Depending on your use case, some brands want to maximise engagement to improve sales. This is called a PUBLIC flow. If this is the case, you should publish and market links to the offline site, which will allow all customers to go through your sales funnel and engage with you on your dynamic site. The Shop Front makes no assumptions about our customers' use case, therefore you are responsible for marketing and creating the links to the static site.

Here you can add and copy products, uploading their media and edit their SKUs and descriptions.

If you wish to have a more exclusive or ‘appointment only’ experience for the dynamic site, only engaging with select customers. This is called a PRIVATE flow. In this case you should send the direct link to the dynamic store to your customers, and use the dynamic store as a personalized shopping experience for your selected customers.

The Shop Front makes no assumptions about how each part of the funnel should be used. In the next section we outline several initial use cases about how brands are using The Shop Front.

Different use cases

Example flow 1 - A large brand

We have large brands that use The Shop Front for a selection of their products, so it is a selection of complex products that require engagement to sell. A brand with 1000’s of products uses The Shop Front as a private ‘department’ to see high margin, complex goods with poor online conversion.

In this case, a link to the DYNAMIC store is published on the brands principal ecommerce store, appearing when customers are showing selling signals for a selection of complex, high-end goods.

The customers are then redirected to The Shop Front, where their selling experience is guided by experienced product owners, massively increasing conversion rates for a SELECTION of goods within the eCommerce infrastructure.

Example flow 2 - Customizable products

How do you sell a product that doesn’t exist? We have brands that tailor their products to each customer. For example, a services company selling luxury holidays. They operate The Shop Front as a PUBLIC, DYNAMIC store.

First, they advertise their STATIC site, and when the customers arrive they see the option to CUSTOMIZE their product. This then redirects them to the DYNAMIC store where they can engage with the brand.

The brand creates tailored, personalized quotes and experiences and are able to effectively market their services online.

Example flow 3 - a high quality brand

We have brands that sell high-ticket items of up to $10,000 online. It is hard to convert these items without a highly engaged and personalized flow. These brands use an appointment system to create sales-experiences on their DYNAMIC site. Driving a know-your-customer conversion model, where selected customers are given highly personalized and engaged treatment, enabling them to convert high-ticket items online.

Example flow 4 - A small business

If your USP is your personalized service and knowing your customers, selling online can be a daunting task.

We have small businesses that operate an ‘always online’ customer service model. Publishing the link to their STATIC store and greeting every customer with an audio message and a smile. By encouraging multiple smaller engagements with their customers, they generate a large amount of repeat business.

Having a person online to chat to and greet customers at all times builds trust, this is proven to be the single biggest factor affecting conversions online. If you have the time and the energy, greeting your customers and being an integral part of their eCommerce experience is proven to massively increase conversions.

Using conversations to drive conversion is invaluable for my business. The Shop Front is unique in providing tools to engage personally with each customer on their terms. An online platform that has the adaptability to suit selling my personalized, specific services online. Gamechanging.

Yuri van der Sluis - b2b sales consultant

Let's get started

There are two simple ways to use the platform.

You can add The Shop Front sales channel to your shopify account, allowing you seamless integration with your shopify inventory and fufillment options. There is no commission on sale!

If you don't have Shopify, you can setup a free account and use our Stripe integration to sell through the platform. We will take a small commission on each sale. Nothing else to pay!

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