Online and Offline Conversations

Manage interactions with your customers onsite, 365 days a year.

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Realtime Conversations

A realtime conversation will be started when a visitors visits your interactive store If you are "Accepting conversations" in the profile and a green tick appears in the top of the dashboard, any visitor to the site will be automatically connected to your dashboard.

Once a visitor arrives on your url, you can see which product or page they are visiting, some details about their conversation and you also have can send them audio or chat messages to help guide their experience. They will automatically recieve your custom welcome message, and are also able to interact with you using video, audio and chat.

You can also use the dashboard to send the visitor to certain pages on your site, usually in the context of a conversation. This allows you to have a realtime thread with your customers, while enriching their onsite experience. At any time, your customer can choose to buy the products on-site, creating an interactive human to human shopping experience.

These interactions can be managed in the REALTIME section of the dashboard, which will give you an overview of all the visitors you are connected to.

Offline conversations

We cannot always be online to engage to with our customers, and that is ok, which is why we've created the OFFLINE conversation flow. If a visitor lands on your interactive site and you are not accepting connections, they will have the ability to START A CONVERSATION. This feature will create an interaction in your dashboard, where you can see which product they were viewing, and their message.

The Shop Front automatically creates a conversation ID, this is a url on the site that keeps the history of the conversation, and also allows you to recommend products (and much more to come). So, by using the OFFLINE conversation manager in the dashboard, you can create a unique shopping experience, and just by loading the site with their unique ID, the customer will be able to view the interaction history, recommended products, and of course... Buy.

Using conversations to drive conversion is invaluable for my business. The Shop Front is unique in providing tools to engage personally with each customer on their terms. An online platform that has the adaptability to suit selling my personalized, specific services online. Gamechanging.

Yuri van der Sluis - b2b sales consultant

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There are two simple ways to use the platform.

You can add The Shop Front sales channel to your shopify account, allowing you seamless integration with your shopify inventory and fufillment options. There is no commission on sale!

If you don't have Shopify, you can setup a free account and use our Stripe integration to sell through the platform. We will take a small commission on each sale. Nothing else to pay!

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